Unfortunately I have decided to end this project, with no plans on restarting it.
It became a bit of a pain in the ass to maintain, plus the increase of DMCA takedown requests are annoying to deal with. I guess that's what happens when sites like these get popular lol.
Sorry to anyone that relied on this website for their leaks and whatnot, but I can't be bothered with the legal headaches.

Thanks to everyone that enjoyed my website and suggested more content, I appreciate y'all.

My other websites (such as my Instagram archive) will stay up for the time being.
August 2022: The Instagram archive has now been taken down, since it hasn't been updated for over a year anyways.

Before you decide to contact me, I will not be providing 'alternative downloads' or anything of the like. You're on your own now.




If you have any questions or whatever, feel free to contact me.
However, I will not be providing any mirrors or alternative links for the content I used to host here. I'll just ignore any requests of the like.

Use my PGP key if you want encrypted comms with me :)